• Confirmation of the Air Force, with access number to the Base.
  • ID card or passport.
  • If it comes with a vehicle, ITV and valid insurance.
  • Sanitary certificate approved by the Government of Spain.
  • Liability discharge

We already know that you are a Pro and subsequently you are fully aware about what you should carry in your spotter/sketcher kit. However a final “cockpit landing check” is desirable:

  • Remeber to wear sunscreen. Our first safety tip is protect your skin You’ll be gazing aloft for hours.
  • Stay hydrated. We know that you don ́t want to miss a thing but drink (non-alcoholic) it ́s important to avoid negative effects of standing on the ramp.
  • Aviators! Bring your own. No, we are not talking about our pilots but sunglasess. Staring into the sky, specially on bright days can give you eye strain.
  • Bring your earplugs, jet engines might be very loud within short distances.
  • No smoking. You’ll be amazed how close you can get to the aircrafts and aviation fuel and cigarettes don’t mix very well.
  • Wear sensible clothes and footwear. Do not wear any loose ítems to avoid FOD.
  • The best way to avoid incidents is to remain predictible within the designated areas and wearing a highlight device (such a belt or jacket). will keep you visible.
  • Bring a chair, step or a blanket so you may have a rest in a sedentary position.
  • An finally last but no least, Do not touch any aircraft or parts unless you are have been cleared to do so by our security personnel.

We believe that thanks to their work we are able to bring our mutual passions, aviation and photography or drawing, closer to society. This conference is designed to promote it, but we know that a certain use of our passions by third parties is not always well understood and they may seek other motivations. For this reason, we ask that you:

  • The photographs/drawings are directed towards the designated areas and avoid the interior of the hangars or the detailed survey of other elements other than those found on the platform or runways.
  • In the event of an accident, do not spread the images on any type of broadcast networks or groups, nor on personal ones.
  • In the former case, provide them to security personnel. Within these photographs/videos, the keys to the accident can be found that will facilitate its study by the technicians in order to determine responsibilities and avoid future accidents.
  • If there is any type of photo that you would like to take, this is the moment to indicate the conditions for its realization. As far as possible, we will try to meet your request, although we know that the weather does not depend on us. Once your access to the Air Base is authorized, indicate what your preferences would be by email, explaining as many details as possible.

To enter the Base, it will be necessary to be in possession of one of the health certificates approved COVID19 by the Government of Spain that will be required.